OrCAD PCB Designer Standard (Work from Home)

Meanwhile, electronics developments take place completely or temporarily in the home office. Access to software licenses from home is a problem for many companies.

To make working in the home office easier, FlowCAD and Cadence have launched the work-from-home program. We offer the perpetual license of "OrCAD PCB Designer Standard" including 2 years of maintenance at a promotional price of 999 euros.

Work from Home Special

Every developer, librarian and PCB designer is flexible and can use his own license locally at home. No online connection to the company's IT is required - the employees are productive and can organize their working hours freely.

With OrCAD PCB Designer Standard you can:
  • Capture schematics and simulate with PSpice
  • Place components and route PCBs
  • Create library components

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999,00 € plus VAT

incl. 2 years maintenance
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3-4 Working days
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Regular price:
2.630 € incl. 1 year maintenance
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Please note:
Latest order receipt on September 20, 2023

Sales and shipment by FlowCAD EDA-Software Vertriebs GmbH, Germany
There is no right to return the software. Please use the free TRIAL-version to evaluate before. Online-sales only to corporations.

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Product Features

OrCAD Capture
Schematic Entry OrCAD Capture

Schematic Entry with OrCAD Capture

OrCAD Capture schematic entry tool for circuit diagrams is one of the world's most widely used software for entering and documenting electrical circuits. OrCAD Capture uses flat or hierarchical schematics. Via the navigation window the different pages of the schematic can be selected and thematically managed according to functional blocks. By using the integrated interface, it is also possible to use parts from Ultra Librarian and SamacSys, which offer millions of components. The electrical connections between the component pins can be established quickly and rules can already be defined on schematic level.
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PCB Editor
PCB Editor

PCB Editor for Physical Layout

PCB Editor is the canvas to perform PCB layout. With many automated functions the designer can efficiently implement the physical design with traces, planes, component footprints, drill holes, etc. While working with automated assistance, design rule checks in real time help to follow design rules and implement the design intent ready for PCB production quickly. Interactively working in 2D and 3D offers advantages depending on the task.

SPECCTRA auto router
SPECCTRA auto router

SPECCTRA auto router (6 Layers)

The SPECCTRA auto router can help to complete the routing of a PCB with up to 6 signal layers. Selecting a net or a group of nets gives the user control, which nets are routed automatically. To influence the layout several parameters can be adjusted, such as fanout and routing direction. A router might not do the complete board, but when used wisely it supports the PCB designer to finish digital elements with constraints faster. Feasibility studies are done in minutes and give an indication, if the board is routable with this number of layers. Auto-interactive routing commands support the user in manipulation the automatically done routing.

OrCAD Scalability
OrCAD Scalability

OrCAD Scalability

OrCAD PCB Designer is based on Allegro PCB design technology and both (OrCAD and Allegro) use the same design database. The difference in the licenses is the feature set how to automatically edit and verify the design. The number of design rule checks varies by the type of license. The big advantage is, that you only pay for the functionality you need. When working in a team with multiple licenses, you can check out and use the license you need to perform a certain task or check. All information is stored in the same database.

Online Design Rule Check DRC
DRC Error

Online Design Rule Check DRC and DFM Checks

During routing, the tool checks whether design rules are violated in real-time. When errors are caused, e.g. by placing a component in an unauthorized location, the tool will highlight a design rule violation. All rules defined in Constraint Manager can be checked. Unique for PCB layout tools are the more than 250 integrated DFM checks, which check against specifications of the PCB fabricator, assembly service provider or test facility, by automatically reading in their rules sets.

Constraint Manager
Constraint Manager

Constraint Manager (basic)

OrCAD PCB Designer Standard has already a fully integrated Constraint Manager in OrCAD Capture and OrCAD PCB Editor. It makes it easy to define design rules and assign topologies in a central place. The rules are hierarchically defined and can be assigned to a number of nets at the same time. With design rule sets as constraint sets (CSet), several rules can be summarized and reapplied in subsequent designs. OrCAD PCB Designer Standard can manage a variety of physical, spacing and DFM rules. During engineering review all the rules are visible in one view next to each other and wrong rules stand out. more

SI Simulation
SI Simulation

Signal Integrity (SI) Simulation (basic)

Clicking on a net in the schematic can open the simulation for signal integrity. By changing the length or impedance, the signal quality can be analysed. IBIS models can be used for driver and receiver components when available, otherwise Cadence default models can be used with parameters from the datasheet.

PSpice Integrated on OrCAD PCB Flow
PSpice Integrated on OrCAD PCB Flow

PSpice Integrated on OrCAD PCB Flow

Basic functionality of PSpice is integrated in the OrCAD PCB design flow. Design intend is entered in schematic entry tool OrCAD Capture and can be used to drive a PSpice simulation and develop functionality of the circuit. Same schematic can be used for documentation and simulation. The netlist can be created and the PCB Editor uses the schematic to cross probe during placement and routing. A comprehensive integration provides broad information and avoids errors in the design process.
PSpice Feature comparison

Video Tutorials

See these video tutorials, which explain several technical features in detail:

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