FlowCAD PCB Design Solutions

PCB Design Solution

FlowCAD Offers Software and Hardware Solutions for Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Solutions for Electronic Design

FlowCAD PCB Design

PCB Design Tools

OrCAD, Allegro and PSpice for layout and PCB design


FlowCAD Simulation

PCB Simulation Tools

Simulation tools for electronic development


FlowCAD Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan Test

JTAG test for all common PCB design tools


FlowCAD Design Services

Design Services

Remote or onsite PCB layout and simulation services


Meet Your Design Challenges

FlowCAD offers a CAD flow for electronic system design from schematic capture, PCB layout and PLM integration.

Capture System Design Intent

Capture System Design Intent

Enter electronic schematics

Simulate without Prototypes

Simulate without Prototypes

Avoid errors during design process

Implement PCB Layout

Implement PCB Layout

Interactive design with constraints

Manage your design data

Manage your Design Data

Connect and integrate your output and work flows

Electronic Design Automation

About FlowCAD

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FlowCAD is the distributor of choice for customers looking for leading technology products for the design of electronic devices, especially electronic circuits, complete PCBs, and electronic systems. Our products are carefully selected so that they can be integrated into a fully-scalable CAD flow. At the centre of the supply chain, FlowCAD can offer its customers not only a broad product portfolio but also provides local technical support, training and a wide range of services.

FlowCAD began its operations in 2003 with the sale of Cadence PCB design solutions. The offering was extended to other well known vendors, which also are a solution for users of other Tools like Altium Designer, Siemens Mentor, Zuken, or Eagle. With these high-performance, innovative tools, you can effectively extend and optimise the eCAD workflow in your company as needed.

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