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Cadence Corona / Covid-19 Special: "Work from Home Program"

Access to professional OrCAD and PSpice license for all designers who work from home.

During this period dominated by the Corona / Covid 19 virus, you were probably asked to work from home as well as many others. This brings challenges for all of us.

IT is a problem for many, with VPN connections, firewalls and access rights. Whatever the reason, Cadence OrCAD wants to help you to continue as normal as possible with the "Work from Home Program".

In collaboration with FlowCAD, Cadence offers a perpetual license for OrCAD PCB Designer Standard (incl. Capture, PSpice simulation and PCB layout) for a promotional price of net 999 Euro incl updates and hotline for 2 years. More information about the OrCAD PCB Designer Standard Promo.

Work from Home

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FlowCAD PCB Design

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FlowCAD Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan Test

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Design Services

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Capture System Design Intent

Capture System Design Intent

Enter electronic schematics

Simulate without Prototypes

Simulate without Prototypes

Avoid errors during design process

Implement PCB Layout

Implement PCB Layout

Interactive design with constraints

Manage your design data

Manage your Design Data

Integrate your work flows

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White Paper Constraint Manager


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White Paper 5G

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White Paper IPC-2581

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