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Latest News at FlowCAD

PCB Design Award
FlowCAD sponsors PCB Design Award

PCB Design Award: Competition for Best PCB Designers

FED calls upon all PCB designers or PCB design teams in the German-speaking countries to apply for PCB Design Award 2020. Projects can be submitted in categories 3D/construction space, high power, high wiring density/high transfer rates/HDI and creativity. The closing date for entries is May 31, 2020, and the winners will be announced in September 2020.
Find out more and submit your application

FlowCAD at embedded world
Current of a via field, before / after optimization

Meeting Challenges of Electronics Development with Simulations (Industry 4.0, IoT, 5G)

More than half of all electronic failures are caused by thermal overload. FlowCAD offers several practical solutions to analyze and eliminate electrical and thermal hotspots and their causes. Until 31 March 2020, any company can have a design tested by us free of charge. Send us your design as a .brd or IPC-2581 file and you will receive a free analysis back.
Read full article about simulation

Customer Success Story Omicron
Ultra-Compact Industrial PC C6025

Robust PCB design of a highly integrated motherboard

Beckhoff is known for its wide range of PC-based automation components and solutions for industrial use. Fanless ultra-compact industrial PC C6025 is very reliable and robust in terms of EMI, signal and power integrity. Thousand of rules had to be observed in design process an this was easily managed in Allegro Constraint Manager. Real time design rule checks provided the designer with immediate feedback.
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Customer Success Story Omicron
Hybrid measurement system DANEO 400

Smaller, lighter, smarter

OMICRON creates highly reliable designs with OrCAD. With more than 1300 components on a 12-layer PCB the layout is dense and the formfactor is adding complexity to the design task. Online design rule checks helped to respect all constraints and build a design following all design rules for power and high-speed. The rules have to be compliant with IEC standards for electrical power systems.
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Indesign Analysis in OrCAD/Allegro
Indesign Analysis in OrCAD / Allegro

OrCAD/Allegro Release 17.4

With Release 17.4, OrCAD and Allegro have a revised user interface. The dialog windows have been revised and some explanations have been added to make working with complex settings even more intuitive. Also new is a dark theme for Capture and for PCB Editor. Indesign Analysis allows the layout designer to perform standardized SI and PI simulation in PCB Editor himself and thus interactively improve the layout without external help. The designer can optimize about 80% of the critical points of his layout by himself.
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Cadence Celsius Thermal Simulation
Transient electrical-thermal co-simulation

Thermal Simulation (Cadence Celsius)

Celsius Thermal Solver seamlessly integrates with Cadence IC, package, and Allegro PCB platforms. Fast and accurate parallel simulation enables new system analysis and design insights and empowers electrical design teams to detect and mitigate thermal issues early in the design process—reducing electronic system development iterations. Engineers can combine Cadence Celsius and Sigrity in an accurate electrical and thermal co-simulation (steady-state and transient) system-level thermal simulation for PCB and IC-Packaging based on the actual flow of electrical power.
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Cadence DesignTrue DFM Portal
Request DFM rules and check during layout

DFM-Ready Production Data Without Extra Effort

Managing PCB manufacturing requirements is becoming more and more extensive. The solution for PCB manufacturers and layouters: Cadence's DesignTrue DFM Portal for project-related DFM rules requests. It allows to generate DFM-compliant production data without additional effort, since violations are already eliminated in the layout. With DFM-compliant production data, queries or project delays can be avoided, production processes improved and costs saved.

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