WISE GerbTool and VisualCAM


WISE specializes in preparing, displaying and validating CAM data. Many users want to check the manufacturing data of their PCB layout software in a third-party vendor independent tool before the data is used for production. WISE has become known through the GerbTool, but today is also very committed to the IPC consortium to support and validate the new IPC 2581 standard.

WISE Offers GerbTool for Gerber Manipulation, VisualCAM for Preparation of PCB Data for Production and a Free IPC 2581 Viewer

Software Solutions

Wise GerbTool
WISE GerbTool

WISE GerbTool

GerbTool is a suite of PCB CAM tooling and analysis software. From basic visual verification to powerful Design Rules Checks (DRC) and Design For Manufacturing (DFM) analysis, GerbTool provides all the functions you need to ensure the production of high-quality PCBs. It can import 274D, 274X, Barco DPF, Fire9000, DXF, NC Drill, and NC Mill data automatically and visualize for gerber verification. GerbTool provides 75+ design and manufacturing checks for design verification including any IPC-D-356 netlist to netlist comparisson. Using IPC-7525 shapes stencils can be enhanced for manufacturing optimization.
GerbTool datasheet

Wise VisualCAM


VisualCAM is a powerful manufacturing engineering CAM software. For PCB layout engineers VisualCAM offers a complete set of design verification features. For bare-board PCB engineers there is a full range of manufacturing verification and tooling features like design verification to push and verify spacing limits. Manufacturing tooling to save and load different rule sets allows you to verify your data against your original design spacing rules, or against your manufacturer's spacing rules, and assembly processing. It offers five different automated methods to reverse engineer component footprint information from gerber data, for assembly pick-and-place programming.
VisualCAM datasheet

WISE VisualCAM Stencil
WISE VisualCAM Stencils

WISE VisualCAM Stencils

VisualCAM Stencils is a dedicated intelligent Stencil / Paste creation tool at an affordable price point. A custom menu and toolbar layout are provided along with all features needed for complete control of your stencil / paste creation, modification, verification and reporting. Automatic detection and conversion of components using Footprint Libraries and Shape Sets, yet flexible enough to handle unusual data, VisualCAM Stencils gives you complete control of your Stencil / Paste generation.

Free IPC-2581 Viewer
Free IPC-2581 Viewer

Free IPC-2581 Viewer

This licensed software is provided free to the EDA industry by WISE Software in the interest of furthering the adoption of the IPC-2581 data transfer specification. The IPC-2581 specification is endorsed and promoted by the IPC-2581 Consortium . The free viewer helps to visualize (set visibility and color of layers, pads, traces, drills and nets), inspect (use hierarchical data navigator, interactive inspection tools and usage reports), measure (point to point, edge to edge, center to center), markup (annotate with mark-up text to easily communicate issues/instructions), print (to any standard windows printer), and save (to a compact WISE database for further inspection).

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Release News

Latest VisualCAM / VisualCAM Stencils / GerbTool Release includes Import / Export enhancements for Gerber, ODB++, IPC-2581; mask generation and optimization; DFM analysis functions; DFF analysis funtions; cross-probe to PCB tool; ...
GerbTool 16.9 SR2
VisualCAM 16.9 SR4
VisualCAM Stencils 16.9 SR4

Get Free IPC 2581 Viewer

Wise GerbTool vs VisualCAM

  VisualCAM GerbTool
  Production Design Review
Features VisualCAM Designer Inspector Communicator Viewer
IPC-2581 Import / Export  
ODB++ Import / Export  
Redline Mark-Up  
Macro / Scripting    
Quoting Information    
Design Rules Checking (DRC) with Autocorrect    
Netlist Import, Export, Compare Opt.    
Integrated NC-Drill Editor      
Panelization (Basic)      
Mask Generation, Optimization      
Design for Fabrication DFF with Autocorrect Opt. Opt.    
Embedded Passive Analysis Opt. Opt.    
DirectCAM Import Opt. Opt.    
PADS ASCII Import Opt. Opt. Opt. Opt.
Integrated NC-Mill Editor Opt. N/A N/A N/A
Panelization (Advanced) Opt. N/A N/A N/A
Assembly Reverse Engineering Opt.        
Bare-Board Test Fixturing        
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