EMA TimingDesigner and Library Builder

EMA Design Automation

EMA is a Cadence reseller in the USA who also offers their own developed products to expand the Cadence PCB solution. With TimingDesigner you can create, store, and update critical timing information of your PCB design. Library Builder is a tool to automate the time consuming process of manually building new symbols and footprints.

EMA Develops Add on Products like TimingDesigner and Library Builder for PCB Tools such as Cadence OrCAD or Allegro

Software Solutions

Library Builder
EMA Library Builder

Library Builder

Library Builder eliminate countless hours of tedious, manual entry with the most advanced PDF datasheet extraction technology. It extracts data from pin tables and diagrams to quickly build and manage complex symbols with thousands of pins. You can easily build complex footprints using a simple calculator-style interface. With eCAD - mCAD collaboration 3D models are quickly developed. Library Builder eliminates library part errors with comprehensive checking and verification tools.
Library Builder datasheet

Timing Designer
EMA TimingDesigner


TimingDesigner is the interactive timing analysis tool to deliver fast and accurate results for timing critical designs. It can evaluate comprehensive sets of timing alternatives and provide direction to the most complex of timing challenges, enabling designers to manage and monitor timing margins through the design process. Powerful timing analysis engine quickly identifies worst-case timing margins to identify and correct trouble spots. Extensive import / export support eases exchange of waveform and timing data between other tools.
TimingDesigner datasheet