Technical Support

Customers who purchased products from FlowCAD and have a valid maintenance contract have access to software updates and technical support. You can call our hotline and ask questions on how to operate the products and if you find a bug, you can report the bug as well to receive a software update. To explain the functionality of the tools our application engineers can make an individual web session with Fastviewer. Or we can share application notes and short video tutorials with you.

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Application Notes
Software Licenses
Recommended Service Providers
Recommended Literature


In Germany and Austria
T +49 89 45637-777

In Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg
T +41 56 485 91 91

In Eastern Europe and South Africa
T +48 58 727 90 90


Fastviewer Remote-Hotline

If you work with the Windows operating system, you can use the Internet to allow our support staff to take a remote look at your screen. You load an .EXE file from Fastviewer onto your computer and you can start a private session with our technical experts. The session number can be obtained by telephone from our support staff. For customers under maintenance this service is free of charge.

» Download Client Fastviewer.exe

Open Technical Support Request

Technical support is available free of charge for customers with a valid maintenance contract with FlowCAD.

Application Notes

Application Notes
Application Notes

Application notes are pdf documents, where experts from FlowCAD describe a detailed solution. This might be for settings in the tool or how to solve a technical challenge with the tools. Please click on the link below to get to our download page, where we offer you all free application notes. If you talk to our hotline, we might have some more application notes for customers with valid maintenance contract only.

» Application Notes

Software Licenses

Licenses Types
Several options are available

Depending on the product or the manufacturer of the software, various license options are available for individual requirements. A fundamental decision must be made between renting and purchasing the software.

» License information and explanations

Recommended PCB Layout Service Providers

Recommended Service Providers
Seal of Approval

Time after time companies inquire with FlowCAD about service providers who can assist with a special project or overcapacity and who are familiar with OrCAD / Allegro tools. The list of recommended service providers only includes companies that can prove their qualification through verified customer references. Please note: the requirements are different and you should always make up your own mind whether the external service provider is suitable for the tasks at hand.

» List of Recommended Service Providers

Recommended Literature

FlowCAD is often asked which books about PCB layout or signal integrity are recommended. We have listed here some books that our application engineers have read themselves and whose content we subjectively consider to be useful. This list is not exhaustive and FlowCAD has no commercial use for these book recommendations. If authors think that their books should be included here, please send us a preview copy. We will read and include it here if necessary.

OrCAD Mitzner

OrCAD Textbook

Complete PCB Design Using OrCAD Capture and PCB Editor
2nd edition, 2019
598 pages
Language: Book Language

Elsevier / Academic Press
ISBN 978-0128176849

PCB Gaudion

Specifying, Modelling, and Measuring

The Printed Circuit Designer's Guide to ... Secrets of High-Speed PCBs
Edition 2017
136 pages
Language: Book Language

BR Publishing, Inc.
ISBN 978-0998288505

High-Speed Design

High-Speed Design

High-Speed Digital System Design: A Handbook of Interconnect Theory and Design Practices
1st edition, 2000
362 pages
Language: Book Language

Wiley-IEEE Press
ISBN 978-0471360902

Electromagnetic Compatibility Paul

Electromagnetic Theory

Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility
2rd edition, 2005
990 pages
Language: Book Language

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN 978-0471755005

Art of Electronics

A Hands-On Lab Course

Learning the Art of Electronics
Edition 2016
1150 pages
Language: Book Language

Cambridge University Press
ISBN 978-0521177238

Theoretical electrical engineering


Theoretische Elektrotechnik
19th edition, 2013
782 pages
Language: Book Language

Springer-Verlag GmbH
ISBN 978-3-642-37939-0

SI and PI

Signal and Power Integrity

Signal and Power Integrity - Simplified
2nd edition, 2009
800 pages
Language: Book Language

Prentice Hall
ISBN 978-0132349796

Noise Reduction Techniques

Bible of Noise Reduction

Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering
Praise for Noise Reduction Techniques in electronic systems
Edition 2009
872 pages
Language: Book Language

ISBN 978-0470189306


Specific Guidance

Schaltungstechnik - Analog und gemischt analog / digital
3rc edition, 2009
642 pages
Language: Book Language

Springer-Verlag GmbH
ISBN 978-3-540-68370-4

PSpice Heinemann

PSpice "Cookbook"

PSpice: Einführung in die Elektroniksimulation
7th edition, 2011
400 pages
Language: Book Language

Carl Hanser Verlag
ISBN 978-3446426092

PSpice Einführung

PSpice Introduction

Analoge Schaltungssimulation in OrCAD PSpice (ab Version 16)
2nd edition, 2011
92 pages
Language: Book Language

Books on Demand GmbH
ISBN 978-3842318823

PSpice Examples

PSpice Examples

Elektroniksimulation mit PSpice: Analoge und digitale Schaltungen mit ausführlichen Simulationsanleitungen
3rd edition, 2008
406 pages
Language: Book Language

Vieweg+Teubner Verlag
ISBN 978-3834802385

PSpice Switching Power Supplies

PSpice Switching Power Supplies

Switch-Mode Power Supplies:
SPICE Simulations and Practical Designs
1st edition, 2008
889 pages
Language: Book Language

Mcgraw-Hill Publ. Comp.
ISBN 978-0071508582

PSpice Simulation Debnath

Guideline to simulate and analyze

PSPICE A Powerful Simulation tool for Power Electronics & VLSI design
Edition 2020
109 pages
Language: Book Language

Independently published
ISBN 979-8669673543