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FlowCAD Training

Training for the operation of the respective tools has been didactically developed by experts to help you with a quick start in the operation and philosophy of the software. Theoretical learning contents are deepened by practical exercises in classes.

The training dates listed here have been planned by us for the time being. If you are interested in training on these or other dates, please contact Training Center using the form below.

Courses take place either at the Cadence Training Center in Feldkirchen or at FlowCAD. The trainers usually come from the FlowCAD hotline and have the corresponding practical knowledge. Directions to the training locations can be found here for Feldkirchen and Mägenwil.

Blended Training: Corona / COVID-19 Special
In time of exit restrictions, keeping distance and home office we offer so-called blended trainings from FlowCAD and Cadence Training. The training is held by the trainer live via an online meeting application. Course material is provided as pdf. Practical exercises are carried out independently by the participants with support of the trainer. Further information can be found in the pdf. Training in times of COVID-19.

Remote Training (FlowCAD Switzerland)
The training is conducted live with MS Teams. You will receive the course material as pdf. For the practical exercises you will get a remote access to our "virtual training room". In case of questions, the trainer can intervene and support you at any time. All participants mutually benefit from this interactivity.

Please register in time or book for future courses. The places in a course are limited to ensure the learning success.

Planned training days are marked in the following tables RED and BOLD.

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