DFM Rules Check in Real-Time

Allegro DFM Portal

Cadence DesignTrue DFM technology helps users of Allegro PCB Editor or OrCAD PCB Editor to validate manufacturability and shorten design cycles. You can check DFM rules in real-time while designing so you can get your design done right the first time.

Approximately 200 individual DFx rules can be loaded in OrCAD, and about 2500 rules are very finely divided into Allegro. This rules check the special specifications for machine properties of the printed circuit board manufacturer, such as distances to brackets or specifications for automatic placement machines or tolerances of drilling diameters. Depending on the production line at a manufacturer, different machines may be used, and e.g. different distances are observed. When designs are only checked during the incoming inspection at the manufacturer's CAM department, there are requests for changes and a redesign. If manufacturing rules of machines are already stored in PCB Editor, you can automatically ensure that these rules are observed. Real-time DFM checks thus ensure producibility. Rules from different production lines can also be loaded into a design to ensure that the design can be manufactured at different locations with different equipment.

There is a separate online tool for PCB manufacturers in which design rules are recorded. When all rules have been entered in the portal, a Cadence Design Rule File can be exported and sent to the user, e.g. by email. Cadence provides PCB manufacturers with the portal as an infrastructure for generating rule files free of charge. Interested PCB manufacturers can register here:

DesignTrue DFM Program

DFM Portal for Exchange of PCB Design Rules

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