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Constraint Management

With continuous miniaturization, increasing form factors, and higher demand for reliability the number of PCB design rules grows exponentially year of year. At the same time the development time is shrinking. Managing Constraints has become the key task in PCB Design.

The webinar series Details about ... takes a deeper look at individual topics related to Constraint Management in PCB Design Flow

Details about ... Manufacturing Rules (DFM)

Manufacturing Rules

In the first webinar of this webinar series we will address the requirements of PCB manufacturing, assembly and testing directly during PCB design. In addition, we inform the participants about how to avoid design loops and prototypes by using in-design DFM checks.

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Details about ... Physical / Spacing Constraints

Physical Spacing Constraints

In the webinar "Physical / Spacing Constraints" we will deepen our considerations of physical and spacing rules. Constraint regions and net classes, or class-to-class relationships are shown. Additionally we will discuss via configurations, pad/pad connection and interlayer spacing.

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Details about ... High Speed Constraints

High Speed Constraints

In the webinar "High Speed Constraints" we will take a detailed look at electrical design rules. What is to be considered regarding net scheduling and impedance control. We inform the participants about Min/Max / Relative Propagation delay and Diffpairs Rules.

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Holger Schröter, Application Engineer at FlowCAD
Doing PCB Design Methodology, Flow development and tool support for about 15 years. Lots of experience with various PCB Design tools and also simulation. Plenty of experience with PCB manufacturing as well as board assembly.

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Preview: Efficient Usage of Constraint Management

The number of design rules increases exponentially with the advancing miniaturization in electronics, the ever-increasing functional density and the growing demands on the reliability of the printed circuit board. At the same time, development times are becoming shorter. Therefore, effective management and compliance with all design rules is now a key role in PCB development. See how to use constraint management to significantly increase team efficiency and design quality.

Constraint Manager Training Classes

Public training classes are offered on a regular basis. In the table below you will see the time table, when these classes are offered. In addition you can ask for your own training on your site, which makes business sense, when you have five or more person attend the same class form one company. Customization of trainings is possible too.

And to learn more about the meaning of high speed constraints, we offer a therorie class