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Focus on Customer Satisfaction

FlowCAD carefully selects its employees to ensure that we have a team of highly qualified specialists who can provide our customers with top quality consultancy and support. We are passionate about the satisfaction and success of our customers. We are convinced that only satisfied customers will maintain a longstanding customer relationship with us and will view FlowCAD as a competent partner in electronic development. Only when we have reached this high level of acceptance and trust, can we reach our common goals. Your success is our success.

Along with the products, we offer you high-level support not only through the initial phase of your project but also in the daily handling of our products. We help you choose the right products for your needs and ensure that they build a fully compatible CAD flow. The FlowCAD CAD flow stands for a modular and extendable CAD flow. This means scalable products can grow with your requirements without you having to change your data basis. Your investments remain protected for the future.

You benefit from our focus on local needs of our customers. We represent your interests during the product development stages at the different global suppliers. FlowCAD is Europe's most successful EDA distributor. We use our influence to leverage your interests with our suppliers, the EDA vendors.

FlowCAD can be you single point of purchase. We understand your language and your challenges. Our specialist team has extensive experience gained over many years and we continue to invest in their education so that we can deliver our customers first class solutions today and in the future.

The company was established in 2003 as a value added reseller (VAR) for Cadence Design Systems, Inc. with a focus on PCB development solutions. FlowCAD today has multiple offices in Central Europe and its own team for layout services and customization to complete the offering.

FlowCAD offers a modular CAD Flow for electronics design from various EDA-vendors

Software Solutions

FlowCAD CAD-FlowManager
FlowCAD CAD-FlowManager

PLM / ERP Integration (FlowCAD CAD-FlowManager)

CAD-FlowManager provides an environment, flexibly adapted to existing company processes, for small and medium design teams to standardize and automate design workflows. Automatic notifications via emails and to-do lists indicate tasks to be processed. Users are assigned to function groups (roles) to make data accessible to colleagues with the same roles when sick or on vacation. The application and approval flow can be configured beyond departments to reflect company operations.
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FloWare Toolbox
FloWare Toolbox

FloWare Toolbox

FloWare Modules are part of a toolbox to enhance productivity for OrCAD PCB Editor and Allegro PCB Editor. These modules are made to increase efficiency for specific tasks, which might not be used by all customers in a standard flow. FloWare offers solutions for additional checks, manufacturing options, added SI features, documentation, and more. Menu structures are automatically recognized by PCB Editor and shown in the tool bar.
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FlowCAD PCB Services
PCB Layout Services

PCB Layout

FlowCAD's PCB layout services can expand your bandwidth. We can create your PCB layout on OrCAD, Allegro or other layout systems. Our experienced PCB designer are familiar with multiple layout systems as well as multiple industry requirements. We can be on site within your facilities and work in your network or you transfer the data to us and we work from our office in Feldkirchen close to Munich. The difference between these two models is just the travel cost. Our broad expertise covers applications like automotive, industrial automation, high current, high speed (SI / PI), telecom and IC-tester boards.
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FlowCAD Simulation Services
FlowCAD Simulation Services

Simulation Services

FlowCAD's simulation services can help you to perform electronic simulations. We support circuit simulations with PSpice, signal integrity, power integrity, thermal analysis, analysis of creepage and air gaps with the tools from Cadence or Ansys. We can help you build a simulation model library or run certain simulations for you. When purchasing your own simulation tool we can work on the first simulation projects after your training together to enable a fast learning curve.
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Working at FlowCAD
Driving technical innovation together

Working at FlowCAD

Do you enjoy working in a team, are you innovative and committed? Do you want to get involved and be at the forefront? Are you looking for a fair and reliable employer? FlowCAD offers the right environment and the corresponding freedom. Together with our customers and suppliers, we develop solutions with which electronics can be developed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
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