Mecadtron NEXTRA

Mecadtron Nextra
Mecadtron NEXTRA
NEXTRA 3D eCAD / mCAD Integration

FlowCAD ist der exklusive internationale Vertriebskanal für Mecadtron. Mecadtron bietet mit NEXTRA eine Produktfamilie für das 3D-PCB-Design an. Die Software kann die Brücke zwischen eCAD- und mCAD-Software schlagen. Native Konstruktionsdaten aus elektrischen und mechanischen Konstruktionsumgebungen können in NEXTRA importiert werden. 3D-Anwendungen wie flexible oder starre flexible Leiterplatten erfordern genaue Informationen zu eCAD- und mCAD-Konstruktionsdaten, um die Leiterplatte im mechanischen Kontext zu platzieren.

In NEXTRA können spezielle 3D-Aufgaben für das PCB-Design wie in keinem anderen Tool ausgeführt werden. Sie können nach Hochspannungsluftspalten suchen oder eine Kriechanalyse durchführen. Das Biegen komplexer starrer Flex-Leiterplatten ist in einer 2D- und 3D-Ansicht möglich.

Unterstützte mechanische Design Software (mCAD):

  • Siemens NX®
  • PTC Creo®
  • Dassault SolidWorks®
  • Dassault Catia®

Unterstützte elektronische Design Software (eCAD):

  • Cadence Allegro®
  • OrCAD PCB Designer®
  • Altium Designer®
  • Mentor Xpedition®
  • Mentor PADs®
  • Zuken CR-5000®
  • Zuken CR-8000®
NEXTRA is an Analysis Tool for mCAD and eCAD for High Voltage Analysis Like Air Gaps and Creepage as well as MID and Rigid-Flex PCBs

Software Solutions

NEXTRA Air Gap Analysis
NEXTRA Air Gap Analysis

Air Gap

High Voltage PCBs have to maintain a minimum spacing between the conducting elements of the electronic unit. NEXTRA enables you to make complex 3D checks based on the netlist and design constraints. NEXTRA will analyze all violations between elements like exposed copper, metall housing connected to ground or other voltages. This check in performed in 3D.
NEXTRA air gap datasheet

SMART Schematic / Intelligent PDF
Creepage Analysis with NEXTRA


In High Voltage applications on Printed Circuit Boards a safety spacing has to be between the two conductors with a high voltage. Depending on the maximum voltage value the spacing increases. The spacing needs to be the shortest distance, on the surface (top and botton), but current might also flow inside milling, across unconnected copper islands or even inside the layers. Nextra provides you with a check to find all violations and you are compliant with your standards lke (i.e. IEC).
NEXTRA creepage datasheet

NEXTRA Dielectric Strength Analysis
NEXTRA Dielectric Strength Analysis

Dielectric Strength Analysis

High Voltage PCBs have to maintain a minimum isolation between two layers in a PCB. This seperation is done by the dielectric material i.e. FR4. Depending on the thickness of one or more layers of dielectric material the allowed maximum voltage may vary. NEXTRA enables you to make complex 3D checks based on the netlist and design constraints. NEXTRA will analyze all violations between elements on adjacent layers connected to ground or other high voltages. This check in performed in 3D.


MID Design

Molded interconnect design was the origial name for MID, but oftn you find the name Mechatronic integrated design. The difference to traditional printed circuit boards is, that MID are made of a 3 dimensional carrier including 3D routing and assembly of components on planes attacht in any angle to the carrier. NEXTRA can read netlists from PCB layout tools and mechanical information from mechanical CAD tools. The routing and export is optimized for the capabilities of the manufacturing processes (i.e. laser structuring).
NEXTRA MID datasheet

NEXTRA Advanced Flex-PCB-Design
NEXTRA Advanced Flex PCB Design

Advanced rigid flex design

In modern PCB Designs short cables are more and more replaced by flexible PCBs. Either as a full flexible or rigid-flex application. NEXTRA helps to design with the knowledge of the signal names and design constraints a complex 3D bent design. It shows you the folded and bent view in 3D as well as a flat 2D view as you need it for manufacturing.
NEXTRA advanced flex datasheet

Mecadtron NEXTRA Training Classes

Public training classes are offered on a regular basis. In the table below you will see the time table, when these classes are offered. In addition you can ask for your own training on your site, which makes business sense, when you have five or more person attend the same class form one company. Customization of trainings is possible too.