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Latest News at FlowCAD

Digital Solder Mask
Digital Solder Mask

Digital Solder Mask in OrCAD and Allegro

The PCB Designer can automatically define masks for digital solder resist - with only a few specifications for minimum land widths, minimum distances and offsets. Different modes cover all currently known use cases (Traces, Pad Box, Component Boundary, Region Boundary) and help to output corresponding manufacturing documents. FlowCAD defined the required functions in the software together with Würth Elektronik. Besides material savings, new, creative and technically different solutions open up, which are particularly interesting for high voltage and power electronics.
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Avoid temperature problems
Avoid temperature problems

Power Electronics - Avoid temperature problems on printed circuit boards

Thermal problems can be analyzed and solved with different solutions. With a PSpice simulation, components can be dimensioned so that they do not overheat. The temperature increase due to voltage drop on printed circuit boards (IR drop) indicates weak points in the layout to the designer. Concepts for cooling can be developed and refined concurrently with the design. Verification by CFD analysis of the entire system provides sign-off quality results.
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OMNYA Integration Platform
Electronic Data Management

OMNYA - Electronic Data Management

OMNYA Integration Platform is a scalable data management solution for OrCAD and Allegro. It enables easy part, BOM, and library management for small and medium teams. Access to metadata is possible through a webbrowser with no client side installation. OMNYA provides consistent and accurate data to the engineers and easy access inside the design environment enables the best information quality at any time in a standardized format.
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Customer Success Story Cicor Group
Increasing Test Coverage with XJTAG

XJTAG Supports Productivity and Process Improvement at Cicor

Cicor is known for highly complex PCBs and hybrid circuits. At Bronschhofen site, Cicor was able to increase test coverage for densely populated PCBs with introduction of XJTAG Boundary Scan. XJTAG's built-in tests and tools enable quickly start testing boards, find and repair defects, and fine-tune assembly processes to increase end-of-line yield.
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In-Design Analyse in PCB Editor
Simple as a spell checker

New kind of Design Rule Checks in PCB Editor

In-design Analysis can be used by any PCB designer as workflows in the PCB Editor of OrCAD/Allegro. The workflows help, similar to a spell checker, to quickly run standardized simulations in the background while routing. You get immediate feedback if a change makes the layout better or worse. At the earliest stage, better geometries can be created electrically and changes or redesigns late in the development process can be avoided.

Cadence Celsius Thermal Simulation
Transient electrical-thermal co-simulation

Thermal Simulation (Cadence Celsius)

Celsius Thermal Solver seamlessly integrates with Cadence IC, package, and Allegro PCB platforms. Fast and accurate parallel simulation enables new system analysis and design insights and empowers electrical design teams to detect and mitigate thermal issues early in the design process—reducing electronic system development iterations. Engineers can combine Cadence Celsius and Sigrity in an accurate electrical and thermal co-simulation (steady-state and transient) system-level thermal simulation for PCB and IC-Packaging based on the actual flow of electrical power.
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DFM Regeln

PCB Entwicklung

DFM-Prüfungen in Echtzeit gewährleisten Second Source

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PCB Analyse

Mit Augmented Reality Leiterplatten entspannt testen

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Elektrische Sicherheit

Luft- und Kriechstrecken auf PCBs für Leistungselektronik

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Audits in Allegro System Capture

Leiterplatten Design

Audits in Allegro System Capture verbessern die Zuverlässigkeit

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