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FlowCAD Support Portal

In the login area below you can see the hotline calls registered with FlowCAD for your company. You need a unique login and password which you can apply at the FlowCAD hotline.

The displayed information will not include any personal data like name or email. Your company name is not mentioned and no design data is available online. There are two buttons in the table for hotline calls, which are not closed:

  • Send a Message: To send an email to your support case at FlowCAD
  • Close the Call: We will close the call and send you a survey

This portal is still in BETA mode. Refresh of data is set to 10 minutes at the moment.


In Germany and Austria
T +49 89 45637-777

In Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg
T +41 56 485 91 91

In Eastern Europe and South Africa
T +48 58 727 90 90

Your Support Requests

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Fastviewer Remote-Hotline

If you work with the Windows operating system, you can use the Internet to allow our support staff to take a remote look at your screen. You load an .EXE file from Fastviewer onto your computer and you can start a private session with our technical experts. The session number can be obtained by telephone from our support staff. For customers under maintenance this service is free of charge.

» Download Client Fastviewer.exe

Application Notes

Application Notes
Application Notes

Application notes are pdf documents, where experts from FlowCAD describe a detailed solution. This might be for settings in the tool or how to solve a technical challenge with the tools. Please click on the link below to get to our download page, where we offer you all free application notes. If you talk to our hotline, we might have some more application notes for customers with valid maintenance contract only.

» Application Notes