AWR VSS (Visual System Simulator)

AWR VSS (Visual System Simulator)

Designing complete RF-systems is a complex task where you need to find the right combination of RF-components, Antennas, and RF-circuits on your PCB. Describing the system with behaviour models in combination with reuse of existing detailed RF circuits made with Microwave office is an easy task with VSS. The Visual System Simulator (VSS) is working on the same database model like Microwave Office. Behaviour models and detailed circuits are dynamically linked together. To compare i.e. two alternate circuits it required just a right mouse click to select the other circuit and resimulate. The circit itself is updated automatically.

VSS comes with a time domain and a frequency domain simulator optimized for system design with harmonic balance. To add RF-components, just add non linear models as compiled models (i.e. .DLL) from the component vendor.

VSS Datasheet

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