AWR Antenna Design Challenge

AWR Antenna Challenge

Compete in the AWR Antenna Design Challenge. Win a FlowCAD backpack and become Antenna Designer of the year 2021. On our demo board we have attached a non-optimal antenna. Download the trial version of AWR Microwave Office and optimize the antenna and feed line (matching network). Compare the results with the first antenna and describe the solution. FlowCAD will present different approaches from different participants and choose the winners.

It often leads to disappointment, if you take over other antenna designs from so-called reference designs for your own project with changed PCB dimensions. The performance of antennas on PCBs - and thus the range of the systems - is extremely dependent on the installation situation of the antenna. This is especially true for compact antennas, where the PCB ground plane is always an integral part of the antenna design. Changes in PCB dimensions thus inevitably lead to a change in antenna performance. However, nearby metal structures also significantly change the behavior of the antenna, as does the surrounding housing.

In our challenge example errors were intentionally included.

AWR Antenna Design Challenge 2021 until March 15, 2021

The Challenge

AWR Challenge Design
Example Design

The Challenge Task

Download and optimize the challenge example for the WiFi antenna. Optimize the "Center / Resonance Frequency" to 2.4 GHz, Return Loss (S11) at resonance frequency less than -20 dB, 10 dB Bandwidth: 200 MHz.

The design data can be imported into AWR Microwave Office. If you do not have a commercial license, please use the 7 day trial license.

AWR Challenge Matching Network
Matching Network

Does the matching network fit?

The feed line between chip and antenna should be matched. Are the values for this matching network correct? Which values for the used components would be better here? Find out by simulation.

Use the available space on the PCB to optimize the matching network.

FlowCAD Backpack
FlowCAD Backpack

FlowCAD Backpack

Your prize: This high-quality FlowCAD backpack (model StepOut 22 Daypack from Deuter) is a reliable companion for all occasions. With 22 liters of volume at just 850 g weight, you are just as well equipped for daily use as for leisure, sports and hiking. The comfortably padded carrying system guarantees best fit and a super carrying feeling. The backpack has a large main compartment, in which a 15.6-inch notebook compartment is integrated. An inner compartment for valuables, document compartment and an extra front compartment as well as organizer pockets and water bottle holder make this backpack an all-round carefree package.

AWR Challenge Terms of participation
Terms of participation

Terms of participation

All persons over 18 years of age residing in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are eligible to participate, except employees of the participating companies and their relatives. No product needs to be purchased, as the 7-day test license can be used free of charge. The prerequisite is that the results are submitted as a digital file with description as PDF via an online form to FlowCAD Support. Which design best fulfills the task will be decided by the jury during the competition period. Subsequently, proposed solutions of the winners will be presented on The submitted designs must first be activated by the editorial team.

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If you have questions regarding the Antenna Challenge 2021 or the operation of AWR Microwave Office, please feel free to contact our Technical Support.
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Please send the results to our support by March 15, 2021.

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