ANSYS SIwave Webinar

Near- and Far-Field EMI Analysis

EMC compliance is a prerequisite for placing electrical products / electronic devices on European market. EMC tests in an absorber hall from MHz to GHz range are very time consuming and, together with cost of troubleshooting and product redesigns, extremely expensive. "The later, the more expensive" people recognizing. EMC testing and its implications for product approval can be significantly reduced by using software tools to perform timely analysis and design rules.

ANSYS SIwave's rule-based software EMI Scanner analyzes wired circuit board design based on geometric design rules. The software uses rule sets to identify the most common and serious causes of interference between signal lines, voltage pads, and components that can cause critical electromagnetic interactions. Expert knowledge from the simulation environment is not required in this application and by avoiding computationally intensive simulation methods, even complex assemblies can be fully analyzed. The reciprocity theorem also offers for the first time the so-called susceptibility analysis over the entire board: "What radiates well is also receptive."

EMC test failed repeatedly? Identify weak points with new simulation approaches

In the webinar FlowCAD will demonstrate the rule-based EMI scanner and carry out a susceptibility analysis on a complex assembly. Going beyond the presenters will apply full-wave analysis to troubleshoot EMC issues at board level.

SIwave is a Tool for Electrical Analysis of Full PCBs and Complex Electronic Packages

Registration for the SIwave Webinar on December 3, 2019, 10:00 a.m.

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