Model based Safety and Cyber Security Webinar

ANSYS medini analyze

The development of safe and reliable systems is governed by different safety standards, such as DO-178, EN50128, ISO 26262, IEC 61508 or IEC62304, depending on the application area. Strictly following the underlying process models of these safety standards means to execute extensive functional safety analysis at all different levels of the applied model (eg. V model). However, as most products are getting equipped with communication interfaces to the environment today, it is becoming very obvious that both, safety against malfunctioning today will be no longer sufficient to design safe and also cyber secure products. In automotive the upcoming ISO 21434 is already describing measures to consider security aspects and properties against cyber attacks which shall get analyzed during development.

The webinar jointly organized by FlowCAD and Ansys discusses and presents the application of Ansys medini analyze integrated environment for model based functional safety as well as cybersecurity analysis. Along with the integrated and efficient combination of safety methods like HARA, FMEA, FTA, new tasks for cybersecurity like asset and threat identification, their assessment and treatment, the evaluation of attack scenarios and modeling of potential attack trees are getting discussed.

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Target audience

The webinar is addressing safety and security engineers as well as project managers and all developers of hard- and software components. Everyone who need to obey safety standards and certification guidelines, who is aware of the potential risk of Cyber Security and who is preparing his design to withstanding attacks from the environment.


  • Introduction
  • Model Based Functional Safety Analysis (Dr. Tanvir Hussain, FlowCAD)
  • Demonstration of Integrated Approach for Functional Safety Analysis (Dr. Tanvir Hussain, FlowCAD)
  • Identifying and Preparing for Cyber Security Threats (Dr. Marc Born, Ansys)
  • Demonstration of Cyber Security Analysis Example (Dr. Marc Born, Ansys)


Dr. Marc Born is leading R&D as well as product management of the medini product line in the Ansys System and Platform Business Unit (SPBU). In this role, Marc is technically responsible for the medini analyze tool that supports functional safety analysis in various domains according to standards like ISO 26262, ARP4761 or IEC 61508. Marc is also responsible for activities that lead to new products like the recent support for Cybersecurity threat analysis in medini. Marc received a Masters degree in 1996 and a PhD degree in 2002 in computer science from the Humboldt University Berlin. After his studies he joined the Fraunhofer Institute Fokus in Berlin where he continued research in model based system development and model based languages. Since 2006 he worked as CTO of ikv++ technologies AG where he initiated the medini product in 2008.

Dr. Tanvir Hussain completed his MSc and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from TU Kaiserslautern. At Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering, he focused on developing innovative methods for quality assurance of safety-critical embedded systems. In different roles at Altran, The MathWorks, AVL Software and Functions and Continental he took part in development of methods and tools, analyzing and improving processes. Currently, he is supporting FlowCAD as a consultant for quality assurance, functional safety and process management.

Registration to the Model based Safety and Cyber Security Webinar

End-to-end Simulation, Software Development and Assuring Hardware and Software Reliability, Functional Safety and Cyber Security

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