BQR apmOptimizer

BQR apmOptimizer
BQR apmOptimizer is a logistics and maintenance optimization tool enabling engineers to model an existing asset maintenance concept and run an optimization process that recommends new cost saving logistics and maintenance policies.
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BQR apmOptimizer maintenance Optimizatiuon Software

apmOptimizer models asset behavior and incorporates Reliability Centered Maintenance RCM-methodologies for logistics and maintenance optimization. This optimization process produces new maintenance policies for maximizing availability and minimizing Cost of Ownership over the product’s life-cycle.

Unique algorithms allow to find the optimal solution to model large-scale systems over a short timespan. apmOptimizer generates detailed and realistic models of both in-design and running assets. Field maintenance and failure logs can be analyzed. The analysis results can be used by apmOptimizer in order to increase the model accuracy of operational assets. Based on this highly realistic model of the existing maintenance concept, and using unique optimization algorithms, the apmOptimizer solutions provide logistics and maintenance optimization for Inventory, Maintenance and ILS Optimization.

  • Simultaneously optimize logistics strategy and maintenance policy
  • Reliability-based algorithms use exact analytical calculations (not Monte-Carlo simulations) for predictive maintenance
  • Easy handling large and complex systems
  • Scheduling preventive and predictive maintenance actions to maximize asset availability
  • Generate high savings on spare parts while ensuring asset confidence and availability requirements