AWR AXIEM EM Simulator

AWR AXIEM EM Simulator

AXIEM is a 3D planar, open boundary, non-gridded method of moments (MoM) solver, based on integral formulations of Maxwell's equations. It solves currents on horizontal metal layers and vertical vias separated by a planar dielectic layer. The EM Simulator has flexible port options, which support different options for the ground reference and interior or edge placement of ports.

The advanced hybrid meshing technology meshes surface of metals using triangles and rectangles for thick and thin metal structures. The reduced number of mesh cells leads to a very efficient simulation with a combination of high capacity and speed. The unique MoM solver algorithm scales on the order of N*log(N). This technology provides accurate and robust results to frequencies down to DC.

In reality there is no single EM simulator that will be right for all customers or all classes of problems. Speed, capacity, and accuracy are just some of the reasons why one tool may be chosen over another, whereas intuitiveness-to-use, technical support, and integration / openness to existing design flow tools. AXIEM addresses two of these four requirements / scenarios very well with fast and efficient results.

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