OrCAD X PCB Design Software

OrCAD X PCB Design

OrCAD X is the OrCAD PCB design solution reimagined for the next generation of design challenges. With massive improvements in performance, productivity, and capability, OrCAD X represents a new era in productivity for designers. See how OrCAD X can supercharge your workflow and take your design capabilities to new heights.

OrCAD X – Advance Your PCB Design Potential. Design Fast, Correct, Connected

OrCAD X Highlights

CIS Option
CIS, Component Information System

CIS Option

CIS option (Component Information System) is now an integral part of OrCAD Capture. A complete authoring environment for components is available. Components can be created from scratch or added from providers such as SnapEDA, SamacSys and Ultra Librarian. Working in teams is simplified by a collaborative development environment in which shared workspaces can be created and library / design data can be shared. The cloud-enabled workspace data is accessible from anywhere (background synchronization).

OrCAD X Presto
OrCAD X Presto

OrCAD X Presto

OrCAD X Presto offers the power and technology of OrCAD PCB Editor in a new, user-friendly interface. It makes it easy to navigate through designs, place and wire, analyze and correct with fewer mouse clicks, fewer menus and faster navigation. Those who prefer the old user interface can also work with it.

Quickly create new designs
Quickly create new designs

Quickly create new designs

The most important PCB functions for quickly creating new designs include: Differential Pair Autorouting, Automatic net shielding, Dynamic Differential Pair Phase Control rules, Dynamic Heads-up Display for critical rules, Hand Routing Modes (Contour, Bus, Differential pair), Interactive Delay Tuning, Rigid, Rigid-Flex and BGA regions.

Dynamic real-time updates
Dynamic real-time updates


LiveDOC enables dynamic real-time updates of design data and final documentation (only available in Presto PCB Editor). You define the layout and content of the documentation and manufacturing information at the beginning of the design cycle, using or creating a template.

Design Review and Markup
Marked position in the design

Design Review and Markup

For queries, places in the design can be marked and supplemented with comments (only available in Presto PCB Editor). The discussion about the technical content is saved in the layout data. This means that decisions can also be retraced later. With this markup function, the corresponding area in the layout is automatically displayed in a meaningful way (zoom and visibility of layers).

Design for Manufacturability
For the output of all manufacturing formats

Design for Manufacturability

Design for Manufacturability makes it easy to create and assign manufacturing constraints based on IPC standards and general PCB rules.

3D Viewer
Switch seamlessly between 2D and 3D

3D Viewer

OrCAD X Presto includes an integrated 3D viewer that allows you to seamlessly switch between 2D and 3D views. This allows designers to perform fast and accurate 3D analyses. Potential manufacturing problems can be identified quickly and efficiently.

AI - Artificial Intelligence
Technology of the future

AI (Artificial Intelligence) - Optional cloud license available

This solution uses artificial intelligence to place components, lay conductor paths and simultaneously optimize supply positions for voltages. Only a few parameters need to be specified.

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Product Feature Comparison OrCAD X

    OrCAD Capture OrCAD PCB Designer Standard OrCAD PCB Designer Professional OrCAD X Capture OrCAD X PCB Designer Standard OrCAD X PCB Designer Professional
Entry to PCB Editor - -
Presto (PCB Design Tool) - - - -
Constraint Manager - -
Design Markup and Review - - - -
LiveDOC - - - -
Optimized 3D - - - -
Circuit Analysis w/ PSpice - -
SI Analysis - -
eCAD-mCAD Integration - -
ODBC-based CIS w/ Part Manager and Variants Option Option Option Option
Cloud Access - - -
This table is for information only. For details consult the official datasheets from Cadence.

Experience the Next Generation in PCB Design Productivity

With improvements in performance, productivity, and capability, OrCAD X represents a new era in productivity for designers. See how OrCAD X can improve your workflow and take your design capabilities to the next level.

OrCAD X Overview

OrCAD X – the Future of PCB Design

Get an overview of improved layout environment, customizable and intuitive interface, increased visibility and navigation as well as simplified manufacturing steps.

Presto PCB Editor

Presto PCB Editor Increases Productivity

Frequently used commands have been brought to the forefront and design information is readily available. The tool anticipates the actions and shows all important information.

Integrated 3D Engine

Integrated 3D Engine Resolves 3D Issues

The 3D viewer was completely brought to the latest technology and a 3D view is now in real time available as well as the 2D engineering drawing of the circuit board.